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If you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboards under $100, this is the place for you.

In this article we will cover:

  • Why get a mechanical keyboard?
  • How long do mechanical keyboards last?
  • Are mechanical keyboards better for gaming?
  • Our #1 pick

Right off the bat, our number 1 pick:

Our Top Pick
GTRACING Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Not only is this one of the more affordable options at around $35, it is also one of the best rated on Amazon.

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09/20/2020 04:14 am

5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

  1. GTRACING GT881 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  2. Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  3. Redragon K552-N White Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  4. Royal Kludge RK61 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
  5. Nacodex AK510 Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Why Get A Mechanical Keyboard?

Simply put, because they are awesome.

If that isn’t enough here are 5 more reasons:

  1. They last longer than traditional keyboards
  2. You can customize them to suit your needs
  3. The sound they make when the keys are pressed is oddly satisfying
  4. They offer faster response time during gaming
  5. More ergonomic variety than a traditional keyboard

How Long Do Mechanical Keyboards Last?

Mechanical keyboards will typically last longer than traditional membrane keyboards. If there is wear or break down, you can replace any keys as needed on most models.

Compare the traditional keyboard with a key press lifespan of about 5 million key presses to the mechanical keyboard’s key press lifespan of around 30 to 50 million key presses.

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Are Mechanical Keyboards Better For Gaming?

Mechanical keyboards definitely beat traditional membrane keyboards for gaming purposes.

There is debate about which particular switches are best for gaming, but the overall consensus is that a mechanical keyboard beats out the traditional any day of the week for game play.

Mechanical Keyboard Pros

  • More durable and longer lasting than regular keyboards
  • Most allow for customization
  • If a part breaks, you can easily replace it

Mechanical Keyboard Cons

  • They can be a bit noisy
  • Generally more expensive
  • Heavier than traditional keyboards

5 Best Mechanical Keyboards Under $100

Now that you understand why you should buy one, here is the list of the 5 best mechanical keyboards under $100 that you can find on Amazon.

GTRACING GT881 Mechanical Gaming

Our Top Pick
GTRACING Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Not only is this one of the more affordable options at around $35, it is also one of the best rated on Amazon.

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09/20/2020 04:14 am

The GTRACING RGB mechanical keyboard is the clear winner on this list. From a price-point, this keyboard is very hard to beat. A few of the key features are:

  • All metal structure with a floating key design
  • Full-size with 104 keys
  • Click life of about 100 million key presses
  • Weighing in at a solid 2.25 lbs
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 7.9 x 2.1 inches (49.53 x 20.06 x 5.334 cm)

One of the cooler features is the array of settings and control for the RGB back lighting which include:

  • 20 different LED effects to choose from
  • 8 fixed game lighting modes
  • 6 levels of light brightness
  • 5 levels of backlight breathing speed


  • Very good price for a mechanical keyboard
  • Solid and sturdy metal base
  • Excellent key response time
  • Long click life
  • Backlight keys that provide light at night


It’s hard to think of a con for the GTRACING keyboard, but if there is one, it could be that some people might need a wrist rest to maximize comfort. The other noteworthy “con” is the key caps are ABS, which most consider slightly inferior to their PBT counterparts.

Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Ajazz AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

PBT SP Spherical Keycaps with classic grey-white matching. RGB Backlight with brown switches.

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09/20/2020 04:14 am

This is a full size mechanical keyboard (104 keys) with key caps made from PBT plastic (Polybutylene Terephthalate). This keyboard is ideal for fast typists and hardcore PC gamers alike.


  • Excellent response times
  • Large and widely spaces keys
  • 50 million key press life span


  • Finding key replacements is challenging
  • Limited instructions in accompanying manual


Cheapest Option

The Red Dragon K552-N is the cheapest option on our list. It is a 60% mechanical keyboard (87 keys) with no backlight features. Important to note, this keyboard does not come with actual Cherry MX switches, however they are “Cherry MX equivalent” and can be swapped out.


  • Easy to transport at 30.7 oz (1.16 kg)
  • Adjustable rear feet for preferred typing or gaming angle
  • Durable base made from aircraft-grade aluminum


  • Letters can wear over time
  • Reports of lost keystrokes (ghosting)

Royal Kludge RK61

This ultra-compact 60% keyboard is a wireless option allowing for cleaner cable management. Featuring 61 keys and a key life of 50 million presses, this is a solid option for gamers looking for that extra mouse space.


  • Long-lasting 1450mAh battery life
  • 10 hours of continued usage before recharge needed
  • Option to plug-in with Type-C cable


  • Can be shaky during typing
  • Initial Bluetooth setup can be challenging
  • Not suitable for access to cursor keys or non alpha-numeric

Nacodex AK510 Retro

The AK510 from NACODEX is another full-size retro looking mechanical keyboard. It comes with 3 orange key caps for you to place as you wish on the keyboard. You can use the driver to set up preset macro programming for the light mode.


  • High quality PBT key caps
  • Excellent RGB lighting effects with 5 gaming modes
  • Stock with Cherry MX key switches
  • Programmable macro function


  • Heavy at 2.98 lbs (1.35 kg)
  • Side lights on keyboard flash when computer is asleep


Mechanical keyboards are awesome. We hope this guide of the best mechanical keyboards under $100 has been helpful.

Please leave a comment if you have or intend to buy a mechanical keyboard.